Q) What is it?
A) Platform Hop is a one touch, simple, platformer game. 

Q) What devices is it available for?
A) Platform Hop is available for iOS, this includes iPhone, iPad and iPod support.

Q) Will it be available for Android?
A) There are no plans for an Android version at this time.

Q) How do I Play?
A) There is one control for the whole game. Tap to jump. Thats it!

Q) What is the aim of the game?
A) The aim of the game is to jump at the precise moment and keep moving up to the next platforms.

Q) How do I score points?
A) You get 1 point everytime you make a successful landing on another platform.

Q) What are the stars for?
A) The stars are for you to collect, these let you unlock different characters to play with.

Q) Will there be any future updates planned after version 1.0?
A) There will be more updates to follow from version 1.0.